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Jenő Kathó MD plastic surgeon
Dr. Kathó Jenő

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Most modern cosmetic treatments with Erika
Allison Anna - Sexualtherapist
Dévényi Kathy sminktetoválás

Human sexuality is ever so diverse, coming along all the way through our lifes. To be in a happy and harmonius relationship, I believe it’s necessary to have a balanced sexual life. To be open towards eachother, trust one another and cooperating together are all essential to keep it going. There are some situations in life when it becomes unbalanced. Problems and conflicts start to appear which we are not capable to solve on our own.

At times like these, it is advisable to get professional help. This will lead to achieve a positive change and could be the key to solving the matters.

As a sexualtherapist my aim is to help in any occurent problem that emerges, explore it, and find a solution to it. Through the therapy, I use cognitive behavioural therapy, then integrade various recreational and restoration methods and individual personal development support.

Specializing in: 
Adult sexual consultation
Conflict solving within marriages and relationships
Complete loss or lower sexual appetite/arousal
Female orgasm disorders
Painful sexual intercourse
Sexual life through pregnancy and after birth
Erectile disfunction
Premature ejaculation
Ejaculation difficulties
Sex and porn addiction

It’s enough to have a simple thought or a determination for a beginning to a change!
Our colleagues - Manicure, Pedicure


She has been a hand and foot care specialist and  nail technician since 2013. Her job is her hobby therefore she is outstandingly meticulous while working on a  French manicure, gel polish, artificial nails , or  pedicure . In addition to her professional experience, she has a good sense of creative decoration, according to the current trends, letting her imagination and creativity to soar. Often measures her knowledge with others in online competitions. The quality of materials in the salon is outstanding which is completed by her professional precision. Her recognition is to see her guests smiling, to achieve that she works very hard!


Practice of many years make her professional experience steady, she works as hand and foot care expert.  She meets high professional expectations in  pedicure. She has firm knowledge in   manicure ,   polishing ,   gel polishing ,   nail sculpting pedicure , and   medical pedicure . Her works with  Brisa Lite  dissolvable and not dissolvable gel are modern, fashioned, minimalist. She decorates nails in modern, elegant style. Click on the photo to see Maya’s works!


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She has been a hand and foot care specialist and medical pedicurist since 2007. In addition to her professional experience, she is outstandingly attentive, patient and empathetic.
We can expect a high-quality outcome by all service given by Böbe. She is equally confident at making gel polish , French manicure, artificial nails and pedicures . Treatments are carried out with high-quality, professional products. Guest satisfaction is the only important thing that matters for her while working.
Click on the image to view the works of Böbe!


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Nail Care Line OPI&CND

In an especially relaxing environment: bioregulation, manicure, aesthetic and medical pedicure, gel polishing, artificial nails, , spa treatment.
At a well-approachable place, on 1024 Budapest, Retek srt.10. Mammut I. Shopping and Entertainment Centre left side the Lavender Centrum is waiting for its guests, who wish to get pretty, and relax at the same time. Our aim has been to establish a salon, where aesthetic services can be available in an elegant environment, with the latest technology on affordable prices. Based on a thoroughly-considered concept, we are waiting for our guests in a special environment, providing entire calmness and comfort to our guests, with pedicure cabin system. The professionalism of our staff guarantees your satisfaction. 

“Anything you create, let it wear the mark of calm and rest.”  -Bengt Danielsson

A guest visiting Lavender Center/ Medica&Beauty&Manicure for the first time will feel that we are prepared with special care for her arrival, and we hope she would leave with ‘My Day’ feeling.
We hope to see you soon!

The guests of Lavender Nails
Kata Dobó
Kata Dobó's favourite is the OPI Red Hot Rio's beautiful red colour.
Antónia Bálint
Antónia Bálint knows well the secret of female beauty. The group of Lavender Nails helps her in its realization.
Lia Kustánczi
Lia Kustánczi has also visited us, because she knows that well-cared feet are also an important part of perfect appearance.
Virág Voksán
Virág Voksán has found tranquility and proficiency in her active lifestlye at Lavender Nails.
Bioregulation (BRT) technology
In our cells usually 7000 chemical reactions take place per second. The electromagnetic self-regulation of these processes is called bioregulation...
Regenerating and beautifying at the same time
It is a trend of years that we are in hurry all day, and we spend less and less time in relaxing, calm environment. Therefore the minutes spent on relaxing have become revalued...
How does BRT technology display its effect?
In the age of quantum physics, it is proven with scientific researches that the functioning of cells, tissues, organs constructing the human body, and their synchronization are based on electromagnetic communication. In our body an average of 7000 chemical ...
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