NuPlus®  (herbal food)

A balanced diet is an essential part of health. However, the composition of the food that our body intakes daily is often inadequate. Sunrider's most basic herbal food’s made of ingredients which can be a healthy diet basics, and also remedy the possible nutrient deficiencies.
NuPlus® is a concentrated herbal food which combines herbalist traditions and the results of nutrition science. A balanced herbal formula that is based on the health-maintaining Chinese traditions, and the appropriate nutrients. The expertise of Sunrider's owners’ integrates their philosophy of Regeneration - feeding the body (yin) and cleansing it (yang) - with professional nutrition researches.
NuPlus® concentrate is low in calories, fat and cholesterol, therefore it is a smart choice for anyone in their daily meals or any time of the day. The all natural, NuPlus® is made of high components and does not contain chemical substances, preservatives, sweeteners or added fat. It has a prominent beneficial effect on tired or convalescent people. The professional athletes report big improvement in their performance and endurance and a faster regeneration after trainings and tournaments. They should consume it 20 minutes after exercise and they can take more than one. Those who are concerned about their weight should take it a half an hour/hour before their usual meal is served.


Features and Benefits:
  • Due to the complex carbohydrates it provides a good foundation of lipolysis –  "Fats burn in the fire of sugars" – athletes and dieters use it successfully.
  • The NuPlus® is an almost immediately usable "cell food", effectively helps the re-formation (regeneration) of cells and tissues. It can be particularly spectacular at supporting the remodelling effect of the injured stomach and intestinal mucosal.
  • It’s a good source of energy for the cells. Relieves chronic fatigue, decreases tissue acidification, it can help quitting the addiction of smoking and other bad habits, it can be a contributing factor in achieving better emotional stability and it provides particularly good building material for the muscles.
  • The flavored varieties include freeze-dried fruits, which preserved the original enzyme content.
  • The five different colored beans in it nourishes the body's five major systems. 
Directions for use
Mix One sachet NuPlus® with 2-2.5 dl of water/ VitaFruit®/ Calli® or Fortune Delight®. Upon request, it can be consumed on its own, in its powder form.
Made from barley, soybeans, yams, lotus, lotus root, green beans, white beans, red beans and black bean.
Product Package Price Product Package Price
Apple-cinnamon 10*15 g 7 236,- Ft        
Blueberry  10*15 g 7 236,- Ft Blueberry  60*15 g 40 723,- Ft
Pineapple-banana 10*15 g 7 236,- Ft Pineapple-banana 60*15 g 40 723,- Ft
Concentrated  10*15 g 8 179,- Ft Concentrated  60*15 g 43 078,- Ft
This product is not a medicine or a pharmaceutical composition. It has OÉTI and KERMI licences in Hungary.
Its daily consumption is highly recommended for everyone regardless of age or state of health
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