Manicure + nail polishing
Classic manicure + normal nail polishing​ 

Classic manicure is finished with normal nail polishing.

Time: 60 min, Price: 6 000,- Ft, with ON-LINE check-in:   4 800,- Ft

Classic manicure + gel polishing

Hybrid LacGeL or Gel nail polish, Shellac. If you are bored of chipping nail polish or weak and cracked nails, let me recommend you Gel nail polish with nail-strengthening effect. It can last even for 14 days without scratching, wearing out, chipping, it is a really long-lasting nail polish without drying time!

The excellently adhesive, thin Gel nail polish (Shellac) or nail polish gel contributes to grow the natural nails long, prevents nail biting, cracking and splitting. The Gel nail polish is dissolvable with special liquid. On the tip of the nails the gel is buffed off, the rest is soaked, and your new favourite colour can be applied. The result: strong nails, long-lasting polish. It is fixed under UV lamp within two minutes. It shortens working time, and there is no long waiting time after polishing. 


The Gel nail polish can be used to make nails prettier and stronger. It is more long-lasting than normal nail polish. Gel nail polish is ideal for both manicure and pedicure, it looks natural. When fixed, it is dry and hard, and also it results glossy nails.

Advantages of gel nail polish 

There is no drying time. There is damaged, scratched, matt surface. It can strengthen cracked nails. 

Classic manicure is finished with gel polishing.

Time: 60 min, Price: 6 850,- Ft, with ON-LINE check-in:   5 400,- Ft

Classic manicure + changing gel polishing

After the release of the nail polishing, shaping new gel polish is applied, and in conclusion of bio lavender hand cream and hand massage are used.

Time: 75 min, Price: 7 500,- Ft, with ON-LINE check-in:  6 000,- Ft

Classic manicure + gel polishing + 2 nails decoration

Time: 90 min, Price: 8 350,- Ft, with ON-LINE check-in:  6 600,- Ft

Classic manicure + changing gel polishing + 2 nails decoration

Time: 105 min, Price: 9 000,- Ft, with ON-LINE check-in:  7 200,- Ft
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