Aesthetic pedicure (normal pedicure) NO PROBLEMATIC Foot !

  *please note that not all staff members handle a problem case, next to her name (NO PROBLEMATIC PEDICURE)

In a separate system, after a fungal fever pre-fungus, the nail is formatted, then the foot is treated with a hacking technique and sanded with an aqueous pedicure machine.

Uncared feet are not only unaesthetic, but might be the origin of many health problems. The aims of pedicure, foot care include the maintenance and correction of the lower limbs’ condition, normal, healthy physiological functioning, and the delay of aging processes.
Due to the genetic or meanwhile formed illness, improper shoes, synthetic stockings, socks, overweight, standing work, and many other factors cause our feet getting tired and swollen, callus, lowering of arch, other deformities (hammertoe, corn, bunion) can appear, the nails can deform as well.

Our feet serve us loyally for a life, they deserve care. Expert foot care is very important, especially for the ones with diabetes and aortic stenosis.
Wearing bad shoes or orthopaedic deformation cause callus, which requires frequent treatment, because in case of neglection the constant pain during walking damages the quality of life and causes bad posture, leading to further problems.

Pedicure ( for problematic foot)
  *we do not handle fungus nails and feet, we have a dermatologist consultant, we provide your contact details.


Many have problems with feet’s nails, skin and sole, but only few dare to consult with foot care specialist. However, it is always worth to ask for help from a specialist for the sake of our feet’s health.
During medical pedicure we treat problematic feet, remove ingrown toe nail, corn and thick callus, provide expert consultation and constant treatment. The price of medical pedicure includes:

Soaking of feet, removal of callus, ingrown toe nail, corn, treatment of cracked heels, shaping of toe nails, professional consultation. During the pedicure treatment the refreshment of feet is finished with for ladies the polishing and decoration of nails are provided as well.
We use disposable, sterilized tools for each guests during both manicure and pedicure treatments.

Treatment of common nail toe problems

The most ordinary foot health problem of our age is fungus. Fungus is a long-lasting sickness, which can appear on both our hands and feet. Toe nails are infected the most often, since they are not in from of our eyes as much as our hands to pay enough attention to.
The medical treatment of toe nail fungus may last from about 9 months to more than a year, and it requires a lot of money and patience. The most effective way of treatment is the pill, but unfortunately it damages the liver a lot. 

Why and how can fungus develop?

Toe nail fungus can originate from a toe nail that has been cut too deeply, tight shoes which press against the nail, or even if someone tramples on our feet or we hit our nails.
The structure of the nail injures, and through this injury fungus infection can attack our nails easily, since at busy places – swimming pool, sauna, gym – fungus are frequently present.

To prevent fungus pay attention to the followings:
Do not cut your hand and toe nails too deep, because infection can find its way more easily beneath nails. Do not wear too tight shoes, because besides the easier vulnerability of nails the shoes squeeze the toes, resulting deformity. Look out for not dropping anything on your feet and do not hit them to anything!

Should I go to a dermatologist or not?

If we could not avoid the fungus infection, it is a must to visit a medical specialist. Why? If the infection is in an early stage, in better case we get nail varnish, and though this treatment also needs a lot of time, it does not exhaust our body.
However, if we do not get the fungus treated immediately, the only resolution is drastic medical intervention, which damages our liver. A pedicurist cannot prescribe medical fungal treatment, only doctors can.

Important: it is not enough to treat the fungal toe nails for one or two days. They must be treated continuously every day at the same time, even for a whole year in order to get rid of fungus. 

How to treat fungus at home besides medicine?

Once a week soak your feet in water with 20% vinegar – you can even mash garlic in it – for about 30 minutes, and rub the infected area with cotton pad.
Tip: Sterilize your shoes as well. Put cotton pad soaked in formaldehyde (can be bought in pharmacies) in the toecap of your shoes. 

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