Improvement of science


The constant improvement of science has an effect on cosmetic industry.

By innovations, painful cosmetic interventions can be replaced.

Improvement of science

During the last few decades science has advanced greatly in many fields (surgical interventions, space research, nano-technology, etc.) However, in most cases an earlier discovered technology, theory or material have been improved or re-considered.
Medical science has outstanding significance, including fields of aesthetics, plastic surgery, dermatology and cosmetology . An interesting feature of these improvements: in most cases the tools or apparatus used for correction and cure became the columns of aesthetic interventions, since in human minds the attraction to aesthetics and preservation of health co-exist instinctively.

During the last few years the scale of aesthetic interventions are getting more and more colourful. Maybe it is the reason why more serious plastic interventions are getting disregarded and less drastic treatments are becoming more popular.

Bio thread face contour treatment

Nowadays one of the newest anti-aging procedure is the bio thread face contour treatment, similar to Thread Lifting absorbing sutures .
Medical threads can be divided into groups of different aspects: there are natural or synthetic, and absorbing or not absorbing materials.
Even in the first half of 20th century researchers experimented with producing polymers out of glycolic acid and other alpha-hydroxy acids, but the resulted materials were unsuitable for long-lasting industrial goals due to its instability. However, later it was the polymer degradation caused by instability that has been an important part of developing these threads.
The first naturally decomposing suturing materials were used in the Middle Ages already, there were the so-called catgut materials.
However, synthetic decomposing materials appeared only in the 1960s. These totally absorbing polymers were used at internal surgical applications. The first such polymers were PGA straight threads made of polyglycolic acid. The firmness and modulus of these threads are big, but they are too stiff, therefore they are not optimal as suturing material, except for the plaited, twisted versions. PGA suture loses 50% of its firmness after two weeks, and it absorbs completely within 4-6 months .The ultimate absorption is caused by hydrolysis, the molecules’ chemical and physical bonds are loosened. Consequently they turn into materials that are emptied by the body’s metabolites.
The insertion of polyglycolic acid causes initial inflammatory process. This is what aesthetic industry uses. During the procedure bio and antimicrobial threads similar to PGA and PDO (polydoxanon) are inserted to the deeper layers of skin.
Due to the regeneration processes in connective tissue fibres micro-circulation improves and collagen production intensifies along the threads. After treatment the soft parts of connective tissues tighten, therefore the facial contours improve.


Thread lifting and hyaluronic acid

The procedure is well combinable with treatments of other kinds. Among them hyaluronic acid treatment must be mentioned, because hyaluronic acid is also one of the most excellent discovery of medical science and is used on a wide range in cosmetic industry. Cosmetology prefers mainly the water-binding feature of hyaluronic acid.

Hyamatrix experts  experts know that there is more behind it, and they have discovered a material which allows the more effective usage of hyaluronic acid’s features. This is the hyaluronic acid – matrixpeptid combination. The product in itself is considered as innovation, its effect mechanism has pioneering significance.
The combined usage of the Hyamatrix hyaluronplastica and bio thread face contour therapy influences the expected result in a positive way.
Besides the forming of thread contour and soothing smaller wrinkles, the extent of skin must be reduced, especially at one of the thorniest areas: upper and lower eyelids. The furrows and wrinkles around the mouth must be decreased, corrected, and at the same time the objective and subjective symptoms influencing the healthy complexion are treated.
Using the Hyamatrix innovative combination of hyaluronic acid and matrixpeptid is a solution, which is not only professional but can be found in Hyamatrix home care products as well. Due to the special ingredients the effect of treatments can be improved regardless of its type. 
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