Why the Kandesn?
To ensure the balanced operation of our skin is a prime necessity because of the well-groomed appearance and maintain our health. The KandesnR cosmetic family (cleaning, tonising, nourishment), butify by way of assisting the healthy operation of the skin, and avoids from the environmental pollutions also.

Characteristics of the skin:
  • The outmost layer of our organisation, so all the external environmental effects reach directly. Our biggest organ.
  • All the internal organ divergence causes characteristic lesions on the skin.
  • Function in protective, selective, thermostatic, respiratory, sensitive, aspiratory.

The Kandesn skin care and cosmetic family is skin friendy, its chemical reaction is balanced, appropriate to the pH of the skin, so weak acid. Because of this – over against the highly alkaline chemical reaction soaps, detergents and skin care formulations – builds up the natural face-shield of the skin, it strengthens the natural defensive ability of the skin, and marred to the external pollutions and bacterias to get into the deeper layers of the skin or further.

The Philosophy of Rejuvenation appears also in the production of the products. It does not separate the different skin types (dry, oily, dehidrated etc.) does not specify cream tpyes produced separately to the particular skin types, but aims the reconstrucion of the balanced operation by assisting the original function of the skin. So our aim becomes achievable to be close as much as possible to the natural condition of the skin, and maintain the increasingly improving operations of the skin. As the external treatmens are slightly efficient as regards my experiences, I consider particularly practical the internal alimentation of the body, and cleaning by qualitative full value nutrition.

To produce the Kandesn exclusive cosmetics, vegetal based albumin, herbs and softeners are used, which satisfies the special nutrient demand of the skin and hair. Only the cleanest materials, like eg. the skvalen, jojoba oils are included, which softening and hidrating characteristics are delay the aging and drying of the skin, quickly works off to the deeper layers. From vegetals, vegetal extracts and vegetal essences (essencial oils) - for eg: jojoba, japanese acacia root, millet seed, wheatgerm etc – strong concentrates made of food featured vegetals and fruits. Further valuable materials eg. the royal jelly extract and the pearl essence.

During development of the Kandesn product animal testings were not performed. The products do not include such a mineral oil or petroleum derivatives which can clog easily the pores of the skin, nor animal fats, artifical colour and fragrances and artificial preservatives, thus they could function as an aliment. Empress Sissi did also emphasise tha the nutrition of the skin should be the nutrition of our body also. The above described unique approach, as whole treated the human body is a breach in the field of beauty industry.

The Kandesn products are manufactured in a private-owned purified aired, dust and bacteria proof food manufacturing plants.

The Kandesn formulations are far precedes the age, futuristic products.

The Kandesn products are well suited to the natural cleaner and self generating processes of the skin in the initiation of the balance of the skin, soften the progression of the aging processes. As the effect of the regular treatment with the Kandesn products the healthy skin natural, radiant beauty can be achieved continuously.
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