I/4 Energizing Eye Treatment
The treatment includes:
  • entrancing eastern eyes, eye treatment by Brt
  • arm and neck treatment, refreshing energizing Sunbreeze essential oil
  • Brt eye, anti-ageing and skin program, respectively needed programs with regard the status

Course of treatment:
  • cleaning the eye area: skin antiseptic effect by Sunsmile vegetable cleaner formulation including vegetal hydrogen-peroxide and mais and coconut concentrate
  • face pack against eye wrinkles (change in approx. 15 minutes)
  • eyes covering by cotton shawl
  • meanwhile massage of the neck, head point massage
  • eye wrinkle cream/eye wrinkle gel/Chen Lifting cream + stevia/vitaspray (B12 Complex) (second change)
  • covering of eyes
  • arms or hand massage, disinfection, attending vegetal flower oily regenerating massage
  • treatments related to meridian lines on the feet for some minutes
  • eyes treatment by jade roller, hacking considering the nerve exiting points

45 minutes
14 300,- Ft

Lavender Centrum /Medical&Beauty&Manicure/ Medical Cosmetology