Classic manicure

Our hands and nails are always subject to the adversity of weather (cold, strong sunshine, dry air) and to different chemical impacts (cleaners, chemicals, frequent hand-wash, negligent drying). Housework and job-related circumstances can also damage their condition, therefore hands also require continuous care, just like other parts of our body. 

The nails and the hands' skin are treated, the unneccessary cuticles are dissolved and removed, the nails are shaped and buffered, the treatment is finished with lavender hand care.

Time: 45 min, Price: 3 400,- Ft, with ON-LINE check-in:  2 700,- Ft 

Japanese manicure​

The Japanese manicure was applied among aristocratic ladies about 400 years ago. The emperor’s court ladies, and even the serving personnel had impeccable nails, so besides the daily outfit, makeup and hairstyle, they payed attention to the condition of nails. The nails has always revealed its owner’s social and financial status – even nowadays. Delicate ladies recently rediscovered the Japanese method – the polishing manicure which insert only natural materials into the nail plate. This is the secret that gives the nails beautiful pink shine and delicate gleam after a treatment that might be surpassed by a genuine pearl only.

Loathing from synthetic materials has kept away many delicate ladies from manicure salons. However, by now, the Japanese manicure provides a special pampering to these guests as well, which can be applied not only on hands but feet as well, with excellent, spectacular result. During treatment the Japanese manicure retrieves the nails’ natural beauty and shine, contributes to the healthy, growing of nails. The special, and even secret ingredients include beeswax, and tiny rubbing pieces, which smooths the cleaned nail, arranging the inequality. This way the nails resist the mechanical-contact scraping, their shine lasts for 6-12 days. For long-lasting effect the treatment is recommended to repeat in every two weeks, depending on the condition of nails. As a result, our natural nails will provide brilliant comforting feeling for our everyday life. Beeswax strengthens the nails, due to the treatment the nails’ colour gets brighter (more and more, after each treatments), and its shine is especially long-lasting (it does not get scraped, because the material infiltrates into the nail plate). Also, the ingredients are chemical-free of any kind. Japanese manicure has an especially strengthening effect for thin, split nail plates, after waring artificial nails for a long time, or for other extreme circumstance. 

During the treatment following the shaping of nails we treat the nailplates with beeswax. The nails become glossy, with frequent treatment the nails grow strong and healthy.

Time: 90 min, Price: 5 400,- Ft, with ON-LINE check-in:  4 300,- Ft 

Paraffin hand treatment with classic manicure 

The treatment is prepared with scrubbing the skin and massaging bio lotion. The hands are dipped into liquid parrafin, which are covered with foil and towelling gloves. 20 minutes later the gloves along with hardened paraffin are removed.

Time: 45 min, Price: 4 400,- Ft, with ON-LINE check-in: 3  500,- Ft
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