Aim of treatment:  skin-rejuvenation and decreasing wrinkles, rebuilding and hydration of skin tissue. Substitues the reduced level of hyaluronic acid.
Effect of treatment:  smoothens the existing and initial wrinkles and provides powerful lifting. It has an advantageous effect on excessive production of sebum, clears pores, hydrates and increases the flexibility of skin. Energizes the blood circulation, resulting a fresh and smooth complexion.
Treated area:  Face, eyes, neck, decolletage
Products used during treatment:  HYAMATRIX CM/Lotion, HYAMATRIX PE/PG peeling, HYAMATRIX DH-SP ampoules, RS correction serum, HYAMATRIX AM Cameleon mask, HYAMATRIX RC/AF and HYAMATRIX eye-care gel
Description of treatment:   After cleansing the skin, peeling appropriate for the skin type is the next step. Then the low molecular agents (hyaluronic acid and Hyamatrix matrix-peptids) are introduced and get bound in the dermis. The treatment is continued with the further hyaluronic acid nourishing of connective tissues completed with mechanical stimulation and with the treatment of eye-face-neck-decolletage the process is finished with the application of a place-specific lotion. 
Duration of treatment:  about 45 minutes

1 treatment    27 900,-Ft
6 treatments  137 900,-Ft
8 treatments  165 900,-Ft

The Hyaluron Plastics consultation costs 5000,- Ft, which is reduced from the first treatment.

Immediate result for brides too for the perfect appearance.  

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