Post Procedure
Comforting lotion after aesthetic interventions
Post Procedure is a special treating product, which prepares the skin for aesthetic interventions (e.g.: wrinkle injections, laser treatment), and following the intervention it provides comfort and regeneration.
Main ingredients:
Arnica extract: comforting and anti-inflammatory effect
Antarcticine™,  glycoprotein: enhances healing and contributes to the skin's restructuring, and increases the skin's immune ability
Neutrazen™, biopeptid: excellent soothing effect, and contributes to skin's regeneration
Chlorhexidindigluconat: prevents bacteria formation
Decreases irritation and hematoma production (hemorrhage)
Regenerates the skin and protecting against bacterial formation 
Increases hydrating effect
Quickens skin regeneration after aesthetic treatments
Apply Post Procedure thickly on the treated area right before the aesthetic interventions (e.g. wrinkle injection, peeling, laser treatment). For contributing regeneration use Post Procedure along with Deep Repair Balm for a few days following the treatment.  

15 200,-Ft
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