Contents of treatments
Sunrider vegetal cosmetics (Halal and Kosher certificate) and bioregulation and magnetic therapy treatments supplemented organ- and tissue specific skin and health improvements, easy to integrate into your daily routine solution possibilities of the nutritional problems, massages, body treatments (cellulit treatments, slimming, cupping) foot massage, without limitation, compared to the current situation.  

(Comment: I do not offer medical service, do not give medical diagnosis, prescription.
The basis of my non-therapy featured treatmens the increasingly improving skin and state of health,
he initiation of achieve the better way you feel, internal and external long term equally.)

1. I start by measuring the actual condition of the face skin and body.

2. respectively basically, strictly by skin disinfection (with indeed natural, corn germ- and coconut oil concentrate including hydrogen-peroxide in minimal quantity)

3. All the time the face pack is applied, sufficient to the actual condition of the skin. With an emphasis: in the spring and the summer, for the treatment of the hyperpigmentation, light damage, acne skin by the use of the appropriate action cream, AHA fruitacid creams, and stabilised C-vitamin containing formulation

4. Some treatments include nursing around the eyes. (except the junior face cleaning), cold-pressed 100% vegetal oil flower water, stevia concentrate), and headpoint massage.

5. . I use for refreshment, planishing of the neck and neck-line the activation of the limph circulation augmentative method by special hand technique, depending on the health condition.

6. The orange- or rose or lavender water, beneficial, enchanting, misteriously, but the better functioning, skin and spirit tonising, harmonising, balancing, skin cleaning, anti-wrinkling, hydrating, conditioning, fat production regulating, eczema chasing, tone balancing, inflammation reducing, rejuvenating effect

7. For increasing the smoothness, brightness, flawlessness, wrinkleless, oxigenization, flexibility of the vessel wall, eliminative-circulation enhancing, skin-breathing help, inflammation reducing effects of the skin, I use the followings:
  • Vitafruit fruit concentrate (avoid in case of allergic to the honey)
  • stevia drops
  • mineral salt and liquid clorofill formula
  • tea drink including 42 kinds of herbs
  • vegetal extracted and concentrated vitamines
  • as cocoa pack: powder concentrate made of food for real cocoa, rich in vegetal protein, including trace elements, mineral elements
  • menta complex including B12 vitamin
8. Mineral stones as like rhinestone, cornelian, amethyst, sodalite, aventurine, rose quartz, the given skin condition improver, stimulating, inflammation reducing, the skin, organism energing-implementing effects of those

9. The arabian life and the East attractive and caressive, soft, spirituelle, graceful, fine vegetal oils: Jasmine/damascus Rose/Argan/Orange/Avocado/Cinnamon/Vanille/Olive oil, and from the balaton arable land lavender fields beneficial lavander oils also. Notice: The jasmine oil is not recommended for expectants!

10. To the given treatment depending of that kind, skin condition, time interval with regard to the treatment, mini massage tool, massage: increase blood circulation, strenghten muscle tone, moisturises, have effect for the vessels, nerves, muscles under the skin. Makes the skin flexible. Helps the agent deeper.

11. Sunbreeze essential oil: which essencial oil is drinkable, eatable, massage active, menta-eucalyptus, cinnamon extract concentrated oil, for temple, wrist, back and foot massage functioning a a first aid box. Refreshing, increasing weakfullness, calming, cooling, breathing facilitating, vitalising effects are observed also…

12. As the Geishas did, I offer pearl essence for home consumption, for man, women, teens also to achieve and keep the brilliant and hormonally balanced condition.

At the end of the treatments. I use some blusher, corrector if required, and lip gloss.

You can keep me up to women, men, teenagers, expectant mothers, because all we eat both safely be spread and recommended, offered, offered up both skin care products for consumption.
Amírah Selfness

For achieving, keeping the brilliant, authentic balanced condition.

Emphasise your own beauty,
armony the more

Skincare superlatives,
ull state of repair
and satisfaction

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