My philosophy
The synergy of nutrition and skin condition repair
The cleaning of the skin, continuously ensuring pH balance,
and feeding and cleaning our skin/organism from the inside.
Which altogether implement that after a time, the skin is able
to self-correct errors by its better functioning and is miraculously able to renew.
Our organization performs itd self-healing process.

„Our skin bends towards at each opening and proceeds as mucous membrane”
(dr. Anna Pfeifenróth )

Each of us has experienced that our diet affects the immaculacy and purity of our skin.
The cells are not able to recognize synthetic materials – so it is with the majority of food
that are barely be called nourishment today.
The unrecognized substances accumulate, and can poison the body long-term.
Likewise the cells of the skin. (Just think of the cellulite problem).

The cosmetics and the dietary supplements that I use assigned to them nourish,
purify, and balance the the whole body. And thereby it regenerates.
All this without adverse side effects.
The skin is able to fix its own mistakes by its better functioning
and is miraculously able to renew by restoring its self-regulatory functions.

„Our food should be curative,
 and our cosmetics should be edible”

„Only material that your skin should be lubricated
 is which you could even eat.”
/Empress Sissi/

The philosophy of regeneration

Chinese philosophy of regeneration: Support of our five main organ system:
nutrition (yin) + cleansing (yang) = balance

Our body recognizes food as a nutrient, not a chemical substance!
It takes not one herb but a great variety of combinations of herbs
to implement a synergistic interaction without any side effect.
 Different organ systems are fostered by different plants.
The more and more types and varieties of herbs we eat
to feed our organ systems that are prepared in the correct ratio (Sunrider),
the more full-featured is our diet.

Regeneration: the organization gets full value from the corresponding
food nutrients and then uses the energy and other ingredients in them,
which are necessary for the proper functioning of the organization and to regenerate itself. 

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