My goal
REJUVENATION of the skin, body, mind and soul, reconstrucion of the dietetic detunes

  • Face diagnostics
The treatment starts by surveying the nutritional condition of the face skin in the actual condition (face diagnostics). This is a basic need to consider (based on this the internal organ differences can be refined on the skin, such as the appearing peeling, inflammation, vascular changes, viral lesions, dryness or even overpinguescence etc…)
  • Extension of the youngness
Based on the Philosophy of the Regenerating, according to the traditional chinese medical observation of the doctrine of the chinese five element.
  • Nourishment and Skin alimentation synergic together with impact, external-internal conformity
Our biggest organ, our skin cleaning, continuous insurance of the ph-balance, and the inner/from inner combined maintenance, alimentation, cleaning, supporting the original correct operation from the outside inwards and from the inside out happens together. The nutritionals support this, which are actually a concentrates in food quality. Tightly connected to the character of the skin care, these Special Nutritions internally: can contribute to our organs optimal and balanced operation which can wield influence to the support from inside. 100% vegetal food concentrates organ-system specific vegetal capsules, special food-drink trace element and mineral drink forms, vitamin complexes, in favour of the balanced alimentation of our immune system, circulation and endocrine system, and our musculoskeletal and nervous system.
  • Rejuvenation, Self regulation
Without sharp separation of the different skin types, the self regulation of our skin is regenerating, the reached better condition can be stabilised, easier maintained.. 

I can increase the efficiency of these results on the mentioned way by massage and holistic organ and tissue specific treatments completed with bioregulating magnetic therapy.​
I offer alternative solutions instead of plastic surgery interventions for every age group: Ladies, Gentlemen, Mothers with safety for which I tend to assist with suggestions for home because of maintaining the better conditions, to be the rejuvenation complete, and leave satisfied, and letting me welcome again among my dear quests, and discuss about the reached results, the changes and its processand anything else…
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