Amíra introduction
Dear Guests,
Please welcome my introduction describing the essence and the conception of my work. I am Amíra Shárkia, the representative of Amírah Selfness. I’ve graduated as a nutritionist at college and completed my studies of cosmetology two years later. I had already felt that the methods we studied there and the kind of ideologies that were indoctrinated into us are not really „my cup of tea”, so by that way I could not give a genuine support to my fellow creatures.
I started to feel, see and recognize all the good effects of the Kandesn cosmethics of Sunrider company that I had been using and experienced how these medical victuals helped me to recover and healed my body’s problems in a unique way.
I realised that the symptoms of our skin and body are connected to each other and are related to our psychological factors, so they can be healed effectively only when we support the recovery of this triple with a complex care.
I committed myself to the products because I could feel the effects literally on my skin and I figured how I can solve all my problems by using Kandesn cosmethics and these super-food goods. I discovered the special treasure lying in my hand that I must utilize some way. I’ve always known that these observations that I experienced are for a reason. I trusted the Universe.
I believed that by learning from this I could help many people both physically and spiritually, and support them to restore the balance and to care for the beauty of their body and skin. Recognizing the importance of the connection between these factors I needed a concrete knowledge that I can bound with nutrition counselling. So, I finally found the profession that I had always dreamed of and became a Kandesn cosmetician in unity and in accordance with nutrition counseling. To improve healing of the comprehensive skin and the drifted body, I complete these treatments with a Bioregulatory magnet therapy (that is unique Hungary) to increase the specific reparation of holistic organs and tissues. As a dietician and beautician and now Swedish massage therapist, it is essential to me to keep our bodies and our skin continuously clean and carry on to ensure the harmony of the whole-ness.
Faithfully, I take my name boldly and joyfully by this, that I represent with joy and good will and strive to deliver the cleanest and most professional way and help those who turn to me. Those who can think like this along with me and support each other to achieve an appropriate solution to each individual person.
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