VII. Bioregulatory magnet therapy treatments (BRT)
„In harmony with ourselves and the world.”

The basic condition of the euphoria is the self-knowledge, the self-acceptance, the mentalistic-emotional-material health and maintain the harmony, the homeodynamics, maintain the ability of self-organisation, ensure the flexible conformability to the constantly changing life circumstances

The electromagnetical self regulation of the organisation is the bioregulation. The material is not else than vibration, oscillation. (Regarding Prof. Fritz Alexander Popp’s researches, the human DNA is an internal rythmical signal launcher center, takes on, stores and lauches the photons)

The condition of the „communication” of the human organism – the person’s microscopicall non visible – mentally – emotional – energy – IT knitting affairs – decide if the DNA can keep its flexibility and adaptability. The person’s external rythms are partly the own electromagnetical frequences of the spherical layer bordered surface and the ionosphere of the planet, eg. the 7,83 HZ Schumann resonance, and partly the lot of other radiation.

All of the negative feeling, unsolved emotional problem – self-interference -and the changed rythms of the external world – eg. electrosmog etc. – could result decomposition balance in the electromagnetic circuit of our body, which can generate biochemical mutations failing all else illnesses in the organism, and can lead to prematurely deplete the person’s adaptive power resources.

The decomposition balance of the organism is an information bother in point of the biocommunication level, the lack of the biologically essential informations. (Our organizational operation has an information content beside the physical, chemical, energy content.)

The arised decomposition balance in the information system of the organisation, the bioregulation technology worldwide senior level representative LENYO brand tools are those which can help the effective management in adaptation inherited power resources, the better way you feel, by the development of the free and staticless swings conditions of the governing body biological signs

Bioregulation for any service (2-3 programs) 30 minutes
Manicure Pedicure: at an introductory price of 3500 Ft

Bioregulation by itself
45 minutes
5 500,- Ft

Body condition corrective treatments

VII/1 Bioregulation with Head Massage (3-4 programs)
45 minutes
6 500,- Ft

VII/2 Bioregulation with Hand Massage (3-4 programs)
45 minutes
6 500,- Ft

VII/3 Bioregulatory Treatment with Functional Herbal Remedies
45 minutes
9 500,- Ft

VII/4 Bioregulatory Treatment with Functional Herbal Remedies
25 minutes
6 500,- Ft

VII/5 Bioregulation Magnet Treatment with Massage, Functional Repair Herbal Package
(lower limbs), cupping
45 minutes
15 700,- Ft

VII/6 Bioregulation Magnetic Treatment with Functional Repair Herbal Packaging,
cupping, transfusing
Contains: (except back) on demanding neck, chest, belly, limbs (front, rear) treatment
120 minutes
20 300,- Ft

VII/7 Bioregulation magnetic treatment with functional repairing herbal care, cupping, massage, machine massage treatment
Contains: back, neck, belly, chest(depending on your needs)limbs(front, rear), cupping, massage, massage with device, biorezonance therapy
120 minutes
25 000,- Ft
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